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Silk Road Trading Raymon Holding company

Silk Road Trading Raymon International company, as a holding company, has worked, still works, in the fields of food industry, mining industry, petrochemical industry, oil, textile and carpets as well as e-commerce, etc. Now the company is starting up  and establishing subsidiaries in these fields. The company is now concentrating on 5 gold products, completely originated in Iran (honey, saffron, dates, figs and pistachios) as well as medicinal plants, and in order to achieve its lofty goals, in the near future to  it will enter strongly in the field of electronic commerce and will be active in the field of online sales of various products.

The company based its activities on creating a healthy economic environment, eliminating economic problems, providing a secure environment for investment and introducing health and organic products to the people, and in order to provide commercial services of sale and export, and efforts to introduce Iranian products and goods to world, has planned its 10-year program.

Silk Road Trading Raymon International company is among large manufacturing and export company of Iran that aims to achieve its goals such as customer satisfaction, improving quality, increasing the quantity and reducing the prices and given the current circumstances and in line with our country's developmental goals, we aims to create jobs, and export the products.


Subsidiary companies

1-Spad Raymon Pasargad Cooperative

Spad Raymon Pasargad Cooperative is responsible for producing and packaging of products of holding company. The company has taken effective steps, with regard to the country's need for organic products and providing natural honey for purification of strength of people of Iran and the prevention of diseases such as cancer, with producing and packaging of healthy and organic foods  that the origin of  these products, including 5 gold of Nasoot, honey, saffron, dates, figs and pistachios, is Iran. It can be noted to the company's actions like launching health stores, noting that their motto is: “Proudly we retake the product that deprive you of happiness”; This means that we really believe in quality and safety of our products and trust it;  And in the absence of customer satisfaction, even after a few days and after consuming a part of it, our vendors will take back the product with honor and respect, and return the money to the customer.


2- Aramis medicinal plants Cooperative

Aramis medicinal plants Cooperative is one of the subsidiaries of Silk Road Trading Raymon International company, which is active / works highly specialized in the producing and processing of medicinal plants. The company focus on identifying and renewing people emphasis on herbal and healthy medicine. The company has approximately 50 hectares of arable lands in the cities of Fars province, such as Fasa, SaadatShahr, NourAbad and cultivated there, different types of medicinal plants, and provides and sells its products both fresh and dry. In addition, Aramis medicinal plants Cooperative did not stop to this and with helping its holding company, Silk Road Trading Raymon International company, is working in various fields such as producing and sale of seedlings, processing, extraction, research, investigation and development and etc..


3-Trading Third Millennium Company

Trading Third Millennium Company was established to operate in the field of e-commerce and based its activities on introducing diverse products  of the holding companies to the world's people. The holding company can through it, communicate better and faster with the modern world and make it availabe for the customers to access its products.


4-Spad Hafez Pasargad close corporation

Spad Hafez Pasargad close corporation  is responsible for productions sale and providing services, as well as distribution of manufactured and packaged products Spad Raymon Pasargad Cooperative. Spad Hafez company has been established with investment and the aim of distributing foods in global quality in Iran.

Giving value to customers' demands, choosing the right products, extensive distribution of goods and the provision of goods at reasonable prices, has caused that Spad Hafez Pasargad protect Pasargad has an impressive growth. Spad Hafez Pasargad do its best for improving services to customers and their satisfaction.