Saffron, effective in cancer treatment
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According to Iranian Cancer Society, an appropriate dietary pattern is very effective in preventing cancer. Although, cancer is known as a major problem in all countries of world, but the prevalence of it, because of lifestyle, especially unhealthy dietary pattern, is very high in Iran, So that every year, 85 to 90 thousands of Iranians are affected by a type of cancers and it's expected that in ten years, this amount reach up to 150 thousand per year. Solution: Modification of lifestyle and use of an accurate dietary pattern is the only way to reduce the risk of cancer. To prevent this disease and deal properly with it, be familiar with the nutrients is essential for everyone in order to know what to eat and what to avoid eating. Developed countries have been able to prevent developing of certain types of cancer by modification and implement of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Saffron is miraculously effective in the prevention and treatment of cancer. According to medical research has proved that Saffron is one of the most useful anti-tumor drugs and act as a scavenger of free radicals. Antioxidant properties of saffron has cancer-fighting properties.

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