The symbol of superior life, the miracle of the honey bee (Part five)
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The symbol of superior life

the miracle of the honey bee

"In the bee, these are signs for those who contemplate."

"Verse 69 of Surah Nahl"

Part five: In this series, we will tell you the miraculous tips of bee life.

Various skills

Do you know that the bees learn several types of work quickly and accurately to meet their own needs and the needs of others, such as poisoning to self-defense, cartography, architecture, honey production, wax production, etc.

Respect for older people

Do you know that wherever the queen is, the bees that are around her, turn their face to her, and it is impossible for a bee to stand so that its back is towards the queen, and the bees will immediately changethw position when the queen walks. And who its back is towards the Queen, corrects its situation.


Do you know that the bees, as soon as they move to a new location, mark the 7 km radius around their hive within two to three days and transfer the map of the surrounding area from the existing plants to each other.

Do you know why the Queen waives light and flies freely and flies on flowers, and satisfies that her first priority, parenting, is being pursued vigorously, and instead, other bees with flying on flowers, provide all the facilities for the comfortable life of the Queen and her children.

Architecture and Engineering

Do you know that the bee, builds very skillfully  the cellars and cells with a specific map. By building hexagonal houses, they use the least amount of materials in housebuilding, and they trim the inside of the frame so that it does not create any extra and useless space.


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