The symbol of superior life, the miracle of the honey bee (Part Two)
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The symbol of superior life

the miracle of the honey bee

"In the bee, these are signs for those who contemplate."

"Verse 69 of Surah Nahl"

Part Two: In this series, we will tell you the miraculous tips of bee life.

Patience and proud

Do you know that to make a spoon of honey, 4,000 bees meet twenty thousand flowers, and in total, they fly as much as seven times the distance between the moon and the earth, and they need to pollinate 100 to 150 million flowers to make a kilo of honey.


Do you know that the bees, when they see lack of pollen and flowers, report to their queen, and the queen stops the egg laying so that her babies do not suffer from famine.

Sharp eyed 

Do you know that in the worker bee head, there is 3 composite eyes and 12,000 visual cavities? that during the flight, he can see all the objects in his environment and identify and mark them in order to not make a mistake while returning to the hive.

Obey the crowd

Do you know that when the Queen of the Bees does not have any previous performance, it easily allows the workers to create a new queen and follows the crowd and waits to die.

Division of tasks 

Do you know that the queen assigns each bee to something special? She orders the nurses to nurse the eggs, she orders the chaperons to take care of herself. Some are responsible for air conditioning, some are engineers and architects of hive and .....


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