The symbol of superior life, the miracle of the honey bee (Part One)
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The symbol of superior life

Bee miracle

"In the bee, these are signs for those who contemplate."

"Verse 69 of Surah Nahl"

In this series, we will tell you the miraculous tips of bee life.

1) Being social

Do you know that if you leave the bee with all the necessary facilities in one place, it will die in a few days! Bee's life has been defined in interaction and coexistence with other bees.

2) intelligence

Do you know that three to ten days after the birth of the queen, it leaves the hive, and because it is very sweet and aromatic, nearly 1,000 bees are chasing it.

The Queen for creating the most rigorous and best race, climbs and climbs in the infinite sky, and the bees who accompany him are weared down one after the other, and finally, she is married with the strongest bee and returns to the hive, and never comes out of the hive until the end of her life.

3) Organizing and dividing tasks

Do you know that a worker bee spends the first days of his life guarding and nursing a queen and babies and grooming. After that, he takes up architectural and engineering tasks, and then he becomes mature and gets out of the hive to prepare the nectar of flowers.

4) Highly valued purpose

Do you know that a bee can take its own food with onnly one flight, but it flies 5,000 times a day to meet a higher goal than meeting his needs.

5) contentment

Do you know the bee has 2 stomachs. And in the first stomach, he collects the nectar of flowers and transfers it to the hive, and il transfers to his second stomach only a few nectars that it needs to survive.


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