The symbol of superior life, the miracle of the honey bee (Part Tree)
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The symbol of superior life

the miracle of the honey bee

"In the bee, these are signs for those who contemplate."

"Verse 69 of Surah Nahl"

Part Tree: In this series, we will tell you the miraculous tips of bee life.

Sadness and happiness

Do you know that the bees have several types of songs:

1- Song of Happiness and Serenity 2- Song of sorrow and elegy (at the time of the death of the Queen) 3- Song of abundance and breadth of livelihoods. 4- Sloppy and subtle songs.

It's interesting to know that bees do not pay attention to the voices we produce, since they have nothing to do with their lives.

Savings in time

Do you know that a bee does not waste even one moment of its life, and throughout his life, he manages the time, from every moment of his time, to reach his goals.


Do you know that nectar of flowers have a bitter taste, and the bee makes them sweet honey by optimizing these nectars, which gives us healing and refreshing effects.

Loyalty to the queen

Do you know that the bee protects his queen even in the worst cases. Sometimes it happens that the bees create an animal wall to protect the queen's life so that the queen does not hurt and, in the definitive times, they feed the queen to the last drop of honey, and die themselves from starvation.


Do you know that if a mouse, snake or lizard wants to enter the hive, the honey bees immediately kill it with his bites and, with a wax that produces troughout his saliva, mummies its body, so that the bad smell does not hurt himself and his neighbors.

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