Nasoot commercial site

1-This site has been created in order to e-commerce and create a comprehensive and global store, and will have all components required to introduce, promote and sell their in the best, and will attempt to attract the attention of customers around the world, showing interest in the products of Iran.

2-Nasoot site is a site specializing in the field of Iran's five gold. Now you can visit the site as a customer or a user, and take advantage of all the functionality of the site (including access to all parts of the site, picking up more and get attachments). You will be also familiar with full information about business of Iran's five gold and how to sell and how to buy five gold.

3. Our company's major clients who want to purchase, click any product order form, and then, they will be placed in our list.

4-Our sales expert call the buyer and offer all price discounts to them.

5. Finally, transfering and timely delivery of purchased goods will be takes place.

6. This Website share four social softwares (network) such as WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK, TELEGRAM, VIBER, so that the visitors can talk about any possible doubts and problems.

7- Updated information about products are available to customers.