Begining of transplantation of medicinal plants

Beginning of the transplantation of Spad Raymon Pasargad medicinal plants

Spad Raymon Pasargad Cooperative, which is of its kind, the largest agro-industrial complex of medicinal plants in the Middle East, in the first stage after the inauguration of Phase I by the governor of the province of Fars, has begun to cultivate and sell young trees (sapling) of medicinal plants in the province of Fars and in the country, including Lavender, Salvia, Hyssop, perforated St. John's Wort, and Echium.

Applicants can visit the site of the factory in the village of Kamar Zard in Marvdasht for the purpose of procuring the saplings, as well as concluding a contract and guaranteeing their products, and at the same time ensuring the delivery of this center's free education and advice.

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