Governor of Fars at the opening ceremony of the Spad Raymon Pasargad agro-industry complex of Medicinal Plants

According to the Fars governate information base, Engineer Esmaeil Tabadar, on Thursday, at the inauguration ceremony of the first phase of the Spad Raymon Pasargad agro-industry complex of medicinal plants which was launched in Marvdasht, described this complex as an exemple and suitable model for planning and action based on the needs of the day, and added: "Today, if there are several risk of dehydration in agricultural debate, we can not be the only listener of problems, but we have to plan on the basis of the requirements of the day and make this planning operational in order to provide different areas of income for farmers".

High Representative of the Government in Fars province, recalling that currently, the share of production of herbs (medicinal plants) in the world is $ 150 billion, pointed to the production capacity of these plants in Fars province, and said: "despite the difficulties and risks of dehydration, we should use the capabilities and capacities available in all parts of the province.

Engineer Esmaeil Tabadar, referring to the fact that the Marvdasht agro-industry complex was created in a cooperative way, emphasized the importance of the role of cooperatives in developing various dimensions of rural and urban areas, and congratulated the cooperative week to all those involved in this field.

Referring to the existence of continuous loops required, including the production of medicinal herbs, training, packaging, marketing, etc., at the Spad Raymon Pasargad agro-industry complex of Medicinal Plants, he noted: three thousand jobs will be created by completing and fully exploiting this complex.

The governor of Fars considered the launch of this manufacturing complex as an act of principle considering all the interconnected rings, and called on the provincial authorities to put the necessary support for these programs on their agenda.

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